Thursday, 25 March 2010

around me..

This post will be to the point like a design document. This will also be quite brazen and blunt. So here we go:

1. This post is all about life around me from the last few be specific last 10 months.

2. Deers in chennai seem to be a common affair. How cool is that? The other day while walking home at around 10:30 in the night, i suddenly saw two glowing eyes. First look and I thought this was some mischievous cow grazing around even after its happy hours were over. Then the second look revealed it was not a cow when it started running. what a beauty it was. A full grown deer with full set of horns - a chital(spotted deer) as we call it in bengali. I last saw one in Jaldapara National Park. Alas i didn't have my camera with me that day!! today I spotted three more near my house, and boy i was delighted!

3. Pallikaranai is the place where i go to work. This is a reserved forest area. can you imagine? A marshland which is within the city limits and just next to the biggest dumping ground of chennai is a reserve forest! (No, I do not work in the reserve forest, my office is just beside it). Come winter and ahoy, a host of migratory birds are roaming around the marshland! large herons, cranes, pelicans and what not!! I have been planning to get them on my camera ever since, but again, i am too lazy!

4. Offices are normally a sick place. Its even more so, when everything is process driven and those processes mean actually having to pass through a hell lot of red tape. My project is one such place. And we create more red tape as a part of my job! :|

5. My parents are here, so I am having a fun time. I ate bhangon fish yesterday, which I never knew is available in chennai, and oh boy, what a delicacy it was! Thanks Mom.

6. My parents are here, so I am having a dry time as well. :|

7. IPL has been irritating. mainly because of the poor form of my hometeam KKR (whoever thought of that name!!) and their ugly jersey. Although its still feels good to see Sachin blasting away in IPL at this age. Dunno why he's not playing the WT20. :(

8. Like everyone else in the planet, i am annoyed at maxmobile timeouts, DLF maximums, city moment of successes. I think Lalit Modi should be hanged for doing this to cricket commentry!

9. Its quite disgusting to see how the indian bowlers use the MC BC wordss with so much idiosyncrasies. Even if you can't hear 'em, you can clearly read their lips! Guys, you have just got the wicket of Rahul Dravid, no need to swear so much!! its just a domestic tourney!! Someone should spank thse young bunch of buggers, that swearing is not agression!! and your 5 yr old brother is also watching ur antiques.

10. Cricbuzz cricket forums have been a revelation during IPL matches. Never knew there is so much hatred for a southie hidden in a mumbaikar! marathi manoos is finally waking up!Sincerely hope, this is only a small faction of cricket fanatics and not the general trend!

11. MF Hussain has left the country to avoid law suits against him. Govt right after he left started clamouring that they were all for him to stay. Stop this nonsense. If you haven't acted earlier, no need to make a seen later, as it shows your moral poverty.

12. TMC is on the verge of doing a clean sweep at Bengal. I wonder, will it heal all the diseases that the state have acquired under the rule of 30 years by the left? Will TMC not be leftier than left option for Bengal? I just hope its not. and Aal izz well when that finally happens.

13. Kishenjee seems to be the next Prabhakaran in the making. Wonder why police can't find him even though the journos always can contact him to get a quote or two. Does this comprehensively prove our police is stupid? or there was never any need of a proof!! :P

That's it from me as of now.

Oh, p.s: I have watched Up in the Air, was OK. Waiting to see Hurt Locker. None of the other Oscar nominees had any interesting theme/story line, hence oscar was quite a let down actually.


Samarth Mehrotra said...

Nice thoughts and point of view - oh, BTW do see hurt locker, I liked it - edge of the seat drama.

Lalit said...

Hurt Locker seemed ok-ish (to me)
Liked Blind side and Hangover(if you havent watched yet..)

btw... you seems to be having nice time.. at least in personal for job.. hopefully the IT salary myth will die down soon in public.. :)

and am amazed.. you finally settled in Chennai.. those two months..stretched out quite a bit.. :)

Poulomi... said...

The Hurt locker is definitely good.. go watch it.. n how come Inglourious Basterds is not in the list... it is a good one.

The Ancient Mariner said...

Samarth, Thanks.
Lalit, good to see some ppl are still reading my blog. And no i am nto settled in here. still leading a nomad life...

Poulomi, I've watched IB...and probably that's tarantino's best work after pulp fictioon...damn nice movie!