Saturday, 1 September 2007

Isle of Skye

Never really thought of going anywhere the last long weekend. As it came I was more willing to take long naps during those three days and forget everything about work. Then suddenly it struck me. The passion which drives me roam around all over the world my globe trotting inner self…

And on Friday night I found myself with my back pack on a bus ride to the northern valleys of Scottish highland. Can’t say the bus ride was fun. The buses in England are crappier than what you would find in a Chennai to Bangalore route. There you get those nice cozy Volvos with extreme luxurious seats with ample leg space. Here being a tall man as I am it becomes extremely difficult to travel on a bus. Last time while going to paris I sweared that I would never board a bus again in England for a long journey but I did it again just to take the same resolution again.

But this time I was prepared. With my IPOD in one of the numerous pockets of my six pocket cargo and another carrying my PSP, I was loaded for the sleepless night that followed. Watched national treasure while going and then listened to the wonderful melodies from Bong Connection which kept me going. The breaks were enjoyable too. Midnight cappuccinos with a puff of Marlborough amidst a light freshening shower is truly something!!

Morning I found myself standing in Perth. A northerly town of scottland, with strange English speaking people around me…

Let’s cut the crap a bit here. I am not here to write some fucking travelogue. I am here to share an experience which I think very few of you have had. That experience is called Skye.

On Sunday morning we started for Skye. Not knowing what to expect we were full of jokes and amusing expectations. But what we saw after a drive of three hours (which were colored with enumerous breaks alongside the roads) we saw a curved bridge going skywards and then landing on a small Island with broken coastline with the see and lochs invading into it every now and there. And that is Skye.

Over the next day and half what I saw was enough to give my camera shout for break. And finally I realised that how many ever photos I may take I will never be able to catch the beauty of the land which lies in front of me.

An island as calm as one can ever imagine that is skye my friend. Some of the land scapes are so full of nature and greenery that I felt many of these places may not have been touched by human beings. Especially the road that goes from Portree to Old man of Storr. It’s a single lane which goes over a vast valley and suddenly out of nowhere you will get to see the storr and its strange rock formations.

We got down there and started rock climbing. And once we were on top, the whole world became a separate place. Blue ocean surrounding the place and dark cullin mountains at the horizon. I thought snaps will be less to carry this whole piece of beauty home. And now I know words also are far lesser (or truly speaking I do not know such words in English which can) to describe this beauty.

My recommendations would be if you go to highlands go to Skye.