Wednesday, 14 September 2005


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This is an outstanding book! That's all is coming to my mind...Michael Crichton as usual has delivered it again.But then I would say its not for the non-tech or not-even-interested-to-tech guys... you have to be a techie to understand the flow of the book. There are few aspects which makes this book great.1. The detailed technicalities of an aircraft. How the hell mikey got those I don know...but that is really an applausible effort.2.The way he picutrises the engineers...they are all kids. They still play with the toys...ofcourse big complicated toys. And anyone who is grown up is not allowed in their world. They won't simply allow it. Too often when i was a young blood I used to dream to be like one......3. The story is also a gripping one. A fatal aircraft accident. Crushing pressure from the media. Union against the management. One Incident Review Team and mounting pressure on them. How a single women solves all and brings the airframe company to solid ground that's the story. Its fabulously written. and the suspense will also chase you to finish off the book at a single run.With all its grand qualities still however the book fails to climb the steps from a normal thriller to a literature. Because the science and technicalities just take up the importance from the humane side of the stories. Apart from the main protagonist Casey no other character is displayed in the full view mirror and so the villains also remains in the shed with their motives vaguely known to the reader.But overall I would say this book I liked as this is not intended to be a world classic but its got its own genre in which it should be called a masterpiece like Timeline and Jurassic Park.

Thursday, 1 September 2005

Change The Change...and My View on Decision Taking

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Within a week the whole thing changed………..the whole thing means life project and everything… a new responsibility which I don’t know how well I be fulfilling…But no doubt I will try… became the new lead of my team…with all those friends with whom I have worked the whole of last year now I will have to lead them..tough job…..not technically but a complete new job in which I am not experienced at all….but you have to start sometimes……..

A lot more of the changes are there…..almost all seniors are leaving….and some like us are getting the chance of being seniors and handle the responsibility….handling the testing team is one of the toughest jobs I guess…because unlike the other teams here we do some work……. Not to demean the other teams though…but really it’s a hectic work and probably the most hectic as it can be in our project…

Its fine to see people happy…and its not so fine to see them not. Some have got their desired changes and happy to the full……and some haven’t but still with full morale trying hard to make themselves a fuller so that in the next run they can have the change for the better….and some like me are not so sure whether the change was for better or for worse….Life is like this…you can never guess what it has got in store for you…even that day in the morning I didn’t know that I will become the lead and I will have to take a decision of choosing the role or demise…and I did take the decision.

Taking a decision is one work which I have found always hard. Probably because all the time I didn’t work out on the decision practically…sometimes I have taken a decision just like that and did not take the pain to think about the situation that I’m in ……and what exactly the situation is going to be when I take this decision and what it will be when I do the other thing. This causal analysis makes things really easy. You should always be in a position to take interest what is happening all around you and decide depending on that. Its never a gambling game. And gambling never makes a man rich. Only thinking hard and thinking practically is going to help you out when you are in a situation where you can not make out what is going to be your next step.

I have been taken decisions like this before. My parents even in my early life also left the decision taking part on my shoulders only. Which college to study in and which subject to study all these decisions were taken by me only and I can tell you not all of them turned out to be a wise decision neither were they any well thought decisions. But whatever decision you take its only upto you to make them seem right by your actions. Like I did not get a govt college while passing my 12th standard. So I had to take a decision between waiting for another year or joining some private institution then and there. I chose the latter and I did make it seem like this was the right decision as even if I joined a reputed college after passing out I would be doing this same scrap work in some or the other IT company with the same efficiency with only one plus thing that is a year plus to my age.

So I made it there. This can be done in other fields also. I seriously feel that its in your hands how bad or good the situation turns out to be!!