Sunday, 25 November 2007

Battlefield Gatwick!

I was hiding behind a bush. I could feel the bullets raining all around me. I was crawling on the muddy soggy woodland. My goggles were all blurry with myst. It was a cold winter morning and I had a bad hangover from the previous night. Suddenly there was something moving on far right of me. I was beneath the remnants of dead fallen tree. I could not move, as if I did the whole tree would move and the “something” moving on my right would not think twice before shooting me. I moved my righthand slowly. I tried to aim the gun I had towards the guy on my towards this object. My shoulder bumped against the wood while doing so. I froze. I stopped breathing. I tried to gauge whether my object got my position. Then I moved again. I positioned my gun with more care this time. Aimed and shot a burst of 10 shots.

“Player down!” shouted the referee. And the player was down, and then came a burst of shots from another near by tree. One of the black musketeers were there and there I went down.

We were playing paintball at Gatwick. It was a place with three marshals and a bunch of crazy people. We ran across woodlands to grab the opponents base, we defended castles, we attacked castles, got divided into different wings we called each other alfa and deltas we had a lot of bruises all over our bodies, and most importantly we had fun.


ad libber said...

Damn, I read about the paintball thingy. Sounds amazing fun. Is it really that safe a game?

Shayan said...

had a fun time readin ur stuf...almost finished half of it.....I hav the same question as d guy below Paintball a safe game???

The Ancient Mariner said...

at both:

grow up ppl. it will give a bit of bruise and cuts here and there. but it will not harm you in any major way if you follow the instructions. There is only one part in the body where it can do major harm is your eyes, so every marshal makes sure that you wear masks all the time as long as there are gun in peoples hand and only after everyone puts their gun down or making sure its safety locked, you are allowed to wear off your musk. So no worries.

I myself developped a couple of bruises on my back due to two very close shots which normally are discouraged but somehow my own mate shot me accidentally. those were painful blows but more so due to the chilly nature of english weather than anything else. On one of my hands skin cracked due to another close shots and there were bloodshed which made it all the more exciting giving the feel of a real life war. and i had cuts on my knees due to crawling, and on my hands a couple thorns... that's all. But if you consider it overall there was no injury as such. So don't worry and go for it whenever you get a chance. I am sure you will enjoy it.

ad libber said...

@ancient mariner
I did not want it to be safe :P I want it to be terrible and killing and risky..:(
Apparently its not. But I will try it all the same

I am a GIRL!!!!!!