Thursday, 20 July 2006

Code Red

(Thursday, July 20, 2006)

The life of ease suddenly takes a turn and ends up in a complete mess...and most of the time it does so its your stupidity that plays a major role behind that...Now that is not something Confuscious wrote...and neither is that something Socrates told his disciples after much contemplation....It was a hard fact that I learnt in the last few months that I have been in UK.Now UK has nothing to do about it. Nor does BT as the underlying link in the title might suggest. Its only that in UK it happened and it happened with BT. I am working on an assignment with BT now a days. Not that I am doing something high fundoo and my stupidity ended in putting BT in a big mess...No darling I am not that big a fish who can do that... I did a stupid mistake of taking up a project and which ended putting my own life into shit. Spring as we love to(or hate to ) call it is the name of the project which is probably the most talking point in BT now a days. And as we are running late on some part the ppl in authority got afraid and they whipped a code red.Now many ppl will ask what is a code red...especially my fellow Bongs will definitely feel that I am talking about the great Red Revolution that BT might have put into to get everything affter all only communism moves things...Well that is not the case at all...on the contrary they gave a chance to complete autocracy.more to come...

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